2016 Federal Policy Agenda: Energy

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Energy Principles

TechNet supports advanced energy policies that foster and promote a climate for innovation.  TechNet supports polices that enable companies to create, thrive, and compete in the energy markets in the United States and around the globe.  TechNet supports:

  • A robust energy agenda that will spur the development and deployment of clean energy resources, such as fuel cells, energy efficiency, solar, energy storage, wind, demand response, advanced clean combustion, and clean transportation.
  • The implementation of grid modernization technologies and electric and clean transportation.
  • Forward-looking policies that enable market-based deployment of distributed energy resources to meet the environmental and reliability challenges of the electric system.
  • Policies that further the use of advanced technologies in energy markets.
  • Technology neutral low-carbon solutions to address national and state energy demand.
  • Empowering consumers with access to their energy usage data.
  • Tax policy that provides clean energy technologies with a stable tax environment that appropriately supports the unique financing needs of clean energy technologies.