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About TechNet

In 1997, a group of Silicon Valley visionaries including John Doerr, Jim Barksdale and John Chambers recognized the technology industry’s need for a bridge to policymakers.  They created a CEO-led organization to engage with Washington, D.C. and state capitals across the country with an aim to educate government leaders on the importance of the growing technology industry and to promote a technology-led innovation ecosystem.

Nineteen years later, TechNet is a force as it takes on critical issues that impact members like Microsoft, Cisco, Google, Oracle, Facebook, Apple and other industry titans as well as some of the nation’s most dynamic start-ups.  Under the direction of its first-rate membership, TechNet is now the technology industry’s strongest fundraising network and most effective policy advocacy organization impacting federal and state policy critical to U.S. innovation and economic competitiveness.

The Network

TechNet members are Chief Executive Officers and Senior Executives of the nation’s leading companies in the fields of information technology, e-commerce, Internet, social media and apps, biotechnology, clean energy and venture capital/finance.  As part of our network, TechNet members enjoy unique access to the critical discussions that shape our nation’s public policy and political process.  Through these opportunities, TechNet members not only forge strong relationships with federal and state policymakers, but also with other industry leaders.

Policy Development

Since its inception, TechNet has been committed to advancing the public policies and private sector initiatives that make the U.S. the most innovative country in the world.  TechNet champions policies that foster a climate for innovation, allowing technology companies to create, thrive and compete.  TechNet members work together to identify key policy priorities and execute successful legislative strategies at both the federal and state levels.

In addition to TechNet’s federal operations in Washington, D.C., TechNet has offices in Silicon Valley, Sacramento, Boston, Albany, Seattle, and Austin.

Political Outreach

As the technology industry’s largest and most aggressive fundraising organization and most active supporter of candidates and elected officials on both sides of the aisle, TechNet offers its members unparalleled access to the leading decision-makers in Congress, the Administration and state governments.  TechNet’s strategic political outreach is targeted towards the leaders in technology policy-making.  Our members play a key role in making TechNet the industry’s premier political advocacy association.