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Shannon Miller -

At EtaGen, we are merging the aspirations of cleantech with the practicality of tried and true technology to deliver a distributed generation solution that clean, reliable, and affordable.  Leveraging research pioneered by our founders at Stanford University and backing from Khosla Ventures and Bill Gates Investments we are revolutionizing the engine to deliver high-efficiency, 24/7 on-site power generation from a wide range of fuels.  Our CleanPiston Technology and innovative engine architecture make all of this possible while eliminating the performance degradation, reliability, and manufacturing challenges faced by other distributed generation technologies.  Our name says it all: Eta for efficiency and Gen for generation.


Higher Efficiency: We will deliver all electric, AC efficiencies that match the best fuel cell technologies but without the degradation or cost.  Higher efficiency means better economics and less carbon.  Consistent efficiency over the life of the system means those economics and carbon attributes are there for the long haul, not just at the beginning.

Tried and True Foundation:  We are not reinventing the engine, just revolutionizing key elements that have seen little fundamental change in the last 100 years.  As a result, we get the best of both worlds—unmatched performance and economics with proven reliability and manufacturability.

Fuel Flexible:  While our first product will run on natural gas, our engines do not inherently require scrubbed natural gas or pure hydrogen.  We will be able to operate practically anywhere using pipeline, stored, or locally produced fuels.  Whether it is biogas, natural gas, biodiesel, or diesel, it doesn’t matter; we can handle it all with the same results.

Flexible Operation: Our technology lends itself easily to a wide range of applications.  Initially, we will offer base-load power with fast startup and shut down for grid-parallel applications.  Future products will offer load following capabilities, providing solutions for off-grid and back-up power applications.

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