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Working with Tech; Winning with Tech

TechNet, the bipartisan, political network of CEOs and Senior Executives established ConvergeUS in the spring of 2010. TechNet’s current CEO, Rey Ramsey set forth a vision for a non-profit that not only reinforces TechNet’s role as the “Voice of the Innovation Economy”, but also leverages TechNet’s access to human, technology and financial resources of the technology sector.

For the first time in history, because of the Internet, hardware and telecommunications, we have the means to create real-time, 24-7, multi-level collaboration and participation among diverse producers and consumers. Now the needs and expectations of interested parties can converge if we are indeed intentional. As an organization that understands and has access to leaders in the technology, nonprofit, government and academic sectors, ConvergeUS is uniquely positioned to seize this opportunity and rapidly expand the positive impact of technology-based social innovation.

For more information, please visit the ConvergeUS hompage or contact Executive Director Patrick Gusman at moc.suegrevnocnull@namsugp or 202-618-4201.

ConvergeUS Report on Common Core State Standards

ConvergeUS released a report that surveyed business executives to assess their awareness of CCSS and examine how they view workforce issues facing America. The survey took special care to examine how executives of technology companies responded, since the technology sector drives so much productivity and economic growth.

You can view and read the report here:

Pictures from our Launch Event with Twitter co-founder Biz Stone

Pictured from Left to Right: Marta Urquilla, Muhammed Chaudhry, Rey Ramsey, Biz Stone and Patrick Gusman (Executive Director of ConvergeUS)

Rey Ramsey, President and CEO of TechNet

Biz Stone, Co-founder and Creative Director of Twitter

Working with Tech. Winning with Tech Panel Discussion

Pictured from left to right: Muhammed Chaudhry, Leland Melvin, Marta Urquilla, Rey Ramsey, Biz Stone, and Andrew McLaughlin