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TechNet supports federal, state and corporate initiatives to drive the adoption of a modern, integrated and digital U.S. health care system based on technology systems to integrate, coordinate and manage electronic health records.

Health care lags other U.S. industries in the use of technology to manage, coordinate, and integrate data and information including patient records, research and development information, and provider/patient communications. As a result, health care costs represent a disproportionately large impact on companies, impacting the U.S. economy and quality of care.

Major bipartisan legislative proposals have been introduced to address this issue and the technology industries are actively engaged in supporting those bills. The Administration has made ehealth initiatives a priority through the release of President Bush’s Health Information Technology Plan, which calls for a goal of assuring that most Americans have electronic health records within 10 years.

Industry, too, is committing significant resources to address this important challenge. A recent report by the Technology CEO Council includes comprehensive recommendations to spur health IT. These recommendations include a pledge by leading technology companies (including TechNet members Intel Corporation, IBM Corporation, Applied Materials, EMC Corporation and others) to make electronic health records available to all U.S.-based employees as soon as possible.

TechNet commends the efforts of its members, congressional and Administration leaders to drive change in the U.S. health care industry.