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Since its inception, TechNet has been committed to advancing public policies and private sector initiatives that make the U.S. the most innovative country in the world.  TechNet champions policies that foster a climate for innovation, allowing technology companies to create, thrive and compete. TechNet members work together to identify key policy priorities and execute successful legislative strategies at both the federal and state levels.

Working Groups:

Through participation in TechNet’s Working Groups, TechNet members bring a new perspective and fresh approaches to address pressing national issues impacting the technology industries.

ICT 2.0
Recent developments in information and communications technologies (ICT) have forever changed the way people work, play and interact with one another. Innovations in social media, cloud computing, mobile e-commerce and applications, and more all present ongoing challenges to policymakers. TechNet’s ICT 2.0 Working Group will focus on issues such as privacy, security, spectrum policy, intellectual property protection, telecom regulation, and others that the group identifies.

Global Competitiveness
Innovative companies rely more heavily than ever on overseas markets for their business.  Challenges to doing business overseas include protectionist trade policies, weak intellectual property protection, and lack of action domestically on free trade initiatives. This working group will also on issues relating to tax policy, working capital, as well as other issues that affect the well-being of American innovation within the global economy.

Clean Tech
Clean energy can create new jobs, reduce rising energy costs, promote sustainable business practices, and enhance energy efficiency. This working group will focus on policy initiatives that enhance the deployment of clean energy technology such as: eliminating regulatory barriers to commercialization, fostering conditions for market entry and access to capital, research and development funding, and workforce development. The Clean Tech Working Group will also provide input for joint TechNet and Brookings Institution collaboration that includes clean energy topics.

Human Capital

An innovative economy relies on a talented and creative workforce in order to turn today’s ideas into tomorrow’s products. An adequate supply of workers with the right skills to sustain innovation is crucial to America’s competitiveness. This group will focus on issues related to the talent that drives innovation, such as: STEM education, the talent pipeline, and high-skilled immigration reform.