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Federal Public Policy Priorities 

Tax: TechNet will focus on the advancement of substantive tax reform proposals, including repatriation of foreign income, as well as the seamless extension and improvement of existing business tax laws.

Trade: TechNet will work to win passage of modernized Trade Promotion Authority legislation that enables the pursuance of multi-lateral trade agreements that support the interests of the technology industry and provide improved opposition to anti-trade behavior overseas.

Immigration Reform: TechNet will continue to promote the advancement of immigration reform measures that support the needs of high-skilled workers, their employers and their families.

Patent Reform: TechNet will advocate the advancement of patent legislation that reduces the burden of excessive patent litigation.

Cybersecurity: TechNet will support the advancement of legislation that provides tri-directional information sharing, consistent with the needs of all parties and with proper legal controls.

Data Breach: TechNet will endorse the advancement of legislation that provides for a single, functional national data breach standard.

Other Priorities:

TechNet will also continue to monitor and provide policy, political and advocacy support for its membership on the following issues:

Education and Student Data Privacy: TechNet will advocate for education reform that empowers parents, students and teachers to make use of powerful technological advancements.

Energy: TechNet will advocate for a robust energy policy that encourages true competition in the energy market.

Electronic Communications Privacy Act Reform (ECPA): TechNet will continue its long-term advocacy for substantive reform of the ECPA statute to reflect modern data storage and management systems.

Internet and Entrepreneurship:  TechNet will support the needs of innovators and advocate for federal policy reforms that remove outdated, counterproductive, uncompetitive regulations that prevent or limit new entrants in a variety of industries.

Mobile Commerce: TechNet will support policies and regulations that allow all payment platforms to compete in a secure and open marketplace.

Digital Health Technologies: TechNet will support efforts to modernize health technology regulations to allow doctors, patients and service providers to communicate effectively while protecting sensitive health information.

Surveillance Reform: TechNet will continue to aggressively advocate for surveillance reform measures that balance the needs of the federal government and the Constitutional rights of citizens and companies.