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2013 State Policy Priorities

In 2013, TechNet will work with states to use innovation to solve key challenges. Harnessing new technologies will help states create jobs and more efficiently deliver services in a time of tight budgets.  We support policies that encourage innovation, enhance global competitiveness and provide services to constituents faster, better and cheaper.  Our work encompasses the following priorities:

  1. Strengthen K-12 Education.   TechNet supports initiatives such as the Common Core State Standards to provide students with the opportunity to develop 21st century skills – such as critical thinking, collaboration and proficiency in science (including computer science), technology, engineering and math (STEM), harnessing digital education to strengthen teaching and enable individualized learning strategies.
  2. Foster research, development and investment.  TechNet supports investment in university research, strong state R&D tax credits — such as California’s permanent credit for qualified applied and basic research – and tax policies that enable companies to hire, invest and compete.
  3. Deploy Smart Grid and clean energy technologies.   Smart grid technologies increase the reliability and resilience of the electric grid; enable clean technologies and electric vehicles; and help consumers reduce their electric bills.  TechNet supports empowering consumers with access to their energy data and new tools to help consumers cut energy use. TechNet supports state policies to spur deployment of clean energy resources such as fuel cells, solar, wind, advanced, clean combustion and clean transportation.
  4. Promote technology to improve health care and lower costs.  Biotechnology and personalized medicine hold the promise of breakthroughs in treating the most serious diseases.  Information technology can deliver better care and lower costs.  Policies must promote innovation.
  5. Grow the emerging Apps Economy to create jobs and strengthen the Internet as a safe forum for commerce.  Developers have developed upwards of two million applications, creating exciting new consumer applications and half a million new jobs across the country.  TechNet will work with policy makers to keep online commerce secure and protect consumer privacy in a manner that promotes continuing job growth and innovation
  6. Promote broadband deployment.  Embracing policies to promote strong facilities-based competition in the provision of broadband, we work with states to expand a regulatory climate conducive to innovation, expedite the prompt, streamlined rights of way access and regulatory approvals, encourage the deployment of conduit in new road construction, and efficiently provide services over the Internet.
  7. Provide leadership on energy efficiency and environmental protection.  New technologies are typically far more efficient than those they displace and can save the economy ten times the energy that they consume.  TechNet also embraces responsible environmental stewardship in addressing challenges like the recycling of electronics products and minimizing the presence of trace pharmaceutical residues in the environment.

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