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50 State Advocacy Program

Building on TechNet’s policy success at the national level, we have expanded into key states that play critical roles in the innovation and technology industry.  In addition to TechNet’s federal operations in Washington, DC, we have a presence in California, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Texas and Washington. From these bases we run regional operations in the Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest.  Each year, TechNet works with its membership to develop a strategic state policy agenda to spur innovation, job creation and economic growth in these areas.

At the state level, TechNet works to develop relationships between business and policy makers and educate elected leaders on the importance of the innovation economy.

TechNet has a strong record of success throughout the States, leading the way on key proactive issues – delivering wins on pro-competitive legislative reforms, the expansion of clean energy incentive programs, software tax issues, broadband policy and cybersecurity the adoption of STEM and computer science legislation, to name just a few.  We also have a strong track record in defeating a broad range of legislative initiatives harmful to the industry including many ill-conceived data breach, consumer privacy and anti-technology initiatives.

In addition to the advocacy work, Technet has hosted a number of senior executive meetings with former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson, California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom and countless other elected officials and policy leaders.

The State Advocacy Program is run by Andrea Deveau, TechNet’s Vice President for State Policy and Politics.  She can be reached at gro.tenhcetnull@uaeveda.