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Patent Litigation Reform

TechNet supports litigation reform proposals with the goal of ending abusive lawsuits brought by plaintiffs using patents as a means of obtaining settlements from legitimate technology businesses. Such proposals may include:

  • Clear standards for forum selection that curtail the ability of plaintiffs to file infringement actions in “magnet” jurisdictions
  • Reforms that direct courts to calculate the royalty or damages awards based on consideration of the proportionate value of the patentee’s contribution to the product in question rather than on the full value of the entire product
  • Provisions of current law that have been interpreted to permit the recovery of worldwide damages in U.S. courts
  • Standards governing awards of multiple damages for willfulness
  • Additional reforms, as necessary, to curtail practices that are a drain on innovation

TechNet supports rational improvements to the litigation system that address abusive patent lawsuits, consistent with TechNet’s longstanding leadership on litigation and tort reform policy.