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TechNet is the technology industry’s largest and most recognized bi-partisan fundraising organization offering its members unparalleled opportunities to support leading elected officials at the federal and state level.  Our companies play a key role in making TechNet the industry’s premier political advocacy association, raising $3 million for candidates and elected officials at more than 100 events in the 2008 election cycle alone.  Since TechNet’s founding more than 10 years ago, we have held hundreds of events for elected officials and raised millions of dollars to help elect policymakers who understand the importance of the innovation economy and its integral role in the broader U.S. economy.

As the technology industry’s largest fundraising organization and most active supporter of both Republican and Democratic political candidates and elected officials, TechNet offers its members unparalleled opportunities to advocate for smart, bipartisan innovation policy in Congress, the Administration, and state government. TechNet’s strategic advocacy is targeted toward the leaders in technology policy-making. TechNet members enjoy:

  • Relationships with key federal and state policy-makers. TechNet has hosted over 1,000 high-level events with U.S. Presidents, senior Members of Congress and state officials.
  • Participation in coordinated industry political outreach that significantly amplifies individual impact. TechNet serves as a catalyst in working with other groups to support important innovation policies.
  • A role in guiding the technology industry’s premier political advocacy committee and political outreach.