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September 19, 2012

TechNet Praises The Microsoft National Talent Strategy

Washington, DC – TechNet, the bipartisan policy and political network of technology CEOs that promotes the growth of the innovation economy, today commended the unveiling of A National Talent Strategy: Ideas for Securing US Competitiveness and Economic Growth, by Microsoft Executive Vice President and General Counsel Brad Smith at the Brookings Institution’s forum on education and immigration reform. Rey Ramsey, President and CEO of TechNet, released the following statement:

“The Microsoft National Talent Strategy is an important step forward in the industry’s ongoing efforts to address one of the nation’s biggest economic challenges – human capital. America’s economic leadership is built on a foundation of smart, talented individuals. But that foundation is now under threat. Demand for knowledge workers is exploding, but the number of American students pursuing the degrees and skills necessary to fill these jobs is not keeping pace with demand. And the nation’s antiquated immigration laws make it difficult for American employers to attract the best and brightest who happen to be foreign born.

Each job that left unfilled is a missed opportunity – for American students who didn’t have the chance to pursue the training that would let them meet their full potential and for company that could not fully pursue promising growth opportunities. The vision that Brad Smith laid out today is a realistic approach that seeks to address the problem in the short- and long-term. It is a pragmatic way to preserve America’s competitive edge today and for future generations.”

About TechNet:

TechNet is the national, bipartisan network of CEOs that promotes the growth of technology industries and the economy by building long-term relationships between technology leaders and policymakers and by advocating a targeted policy agenda. TechNet’s members represent more than one million employees in the fields of information technology, biotechnology, e-commerce and finance. TechNet has offices in Washington, D.C., Palo Alto, Sacramento, Seattle, Boston and Austin. Web address: You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter at @technetupdate.

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