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Washington, DC – TechNet, the bipartisan policy and political network of CEOs that promotes the growth of the innovation economy, today announced the addition of Hara ( as a new TechNet member.

Hara is the fastest growing provider of on-demand environmental and energy management software. Hara was founded in 2007 and helps organizations grow and profit while optimizing natural resource consumption and minimizing environmental impact. The Hara (TM) Environmental and Energy Management (EEM) solution enables organizations to manage and optimize their organizational metabolism – the collective resources consumed and resulting outputs across an organization and its value chain – including energy, water, waste, and carbon. Hara empowers an end-to-end environmental and energy business process from reporting to reduction to help organizations improve operational efficiency, maximize value and manage risk.

“We are very pleased to welcome Hara and their very talented CEO Amit Chatterjee to TechNet,” said Rey Ramsey, President and CEO of TechNet.  “Hara is a terrific example of a company that applies cutting edge innovation to help its large list of customers – from cities to countries to companies – responsibly prioritize and manage their use of water, energy, waste and carbon.  They are shining example of the job growth, environmental stewardship and economic growth that America’s clean tech economy can produce.”

”Hara is proud to be a member of TechNet,” said Amit Chatterjee, CEO and Founder, Hara. “TechNet provides an important voice for Hara and companies across the technology sector to ensure that the important business issues of today – innovation, competitiveness and growth – are being addressed and brought to the forefront of policy discussions. TechNet serves as a key conduit for ensuring that there is level playing field where government enables businesses to be drivers of economic growth and innovation.”

About TechNet:

TechNet is the national, bipartisan network of CEOs that promotes the growth of technology industries and the economy by building long-term relationships between technology leaders and policymakers and by advocating a targeted policy agenda. TechNet’s members represent more than one million employees in the fields of information technology, clean energy, biotechnology, e-commerce and finance. TechNet has offices in Washington, DC, Palo Alto, Sacramento, Seattle, Boston and Austin,Texas. Web address: You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter at @technetupdate.


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