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International Trade and Public Diplomacy

TechNet supports expanded trade and nondiscriminatory access to overseas markets by advocating for the development and enactment of trade agreements between the US and other countries; and by supporting strengthened public diplomacy and international relations through technology-based initiatives.TechNet continues to work in support of a strong, bipartisan base of support for bilateral and multilateral trade initiatives that facilitate expansion of markets for U.S.-based high tech products. Our continued global competitiveness depends on our ability to expand open markets and opportunities for trade that benefits our economy, workers, consumers and industries. On average, over 60 percent of U.S. technology industry revenues are derived from outside the United States. Across industries, a positive U.S. trade agenda that is opening markets, including the emerging markets of the developing world, is critical.Specifically, TechNet supports:

  • Continued efforts to pursue a free-trade agenda, including moving forward with our WTO goals;
  • Pursuit of additional bilateral and regional free trade agreements, opening new markets to U.S. products and services;
  • Clearing hurdles that will allow U.S. companies and products to compete effectively around the world;
  • Efforts to safeguard intellectual property through trademark, copyright and patent protections backed by strong enforcement provisions; and
  • Technology-based initiatives to strengthen public diplomacy and international relations.