Renzo Soto is TechNet’s Executive Director for Texas and the Southeast. Based in Austin, Soto oversees TechNet’s state advocacy in Texas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Puerto Rico, and South Carolina.

Prior to joining TechNet, Soto was a policy advisor for Texas 2036, a non-partisan public policy think tank. He led the organization’s work on higher education and workforce issues. Soto joined Texas 2036 from the Texas House of Representatives, where he began his legislative career as a legislative aide for Texas State Representative Armando Walle. He then served simultaneous roles as legislative director for Texas State Representative Donna Howard and executive director for the Texas House Women’s Health Caucus. Soto covered a wide range of policy areas in the Texas Legislature, with notable focus on policy areas covering the Texas state budget and state systems improvements.

Soto immigrated to Harlingen, Texas from the Philippines, and he graduated from the University of Texas at Austin.