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TechNet is a 501 c(6) non-profit organization established in 1997 to be the voice of the Innovation Economy.  Members range from large, publically-traded companies to small start-ups.  As the leading voice for the policies, practices, and programs that foster innovation, TechNet members enjoy unique access to the critical discussions that shape our nation’s public policy and the political process.  Member benefits include:


Members contribute to TechNet’s policy agenda development and regularly review and respond to policy positions and proposals put forth by policymakers and other stakeholders.

  • Weekly Update: All members receive the TechNet’s weekly update, which reports on policy and political developments and activities across the country.
  • Weekly Conference Calls: To provide real-time updates and strategy sessions, TechNet convenes its membership on issue-based conference calls on a weekly basis.


As the technology industry’s largest fundraising organization and most active supporter of candidates and elected officials on both sides of the aisle, TechNet offers its members unparalleled access to the leading decision-makers in Congress, the Administration, and state government. TechNet’s members find the strategic political advocacy an invaluable part of membership.  TechNet members enjoy:

  • Relationships with key federal and state policy-makers.  Annually, TechNet hosts over 100 high-level political events including meet-and-greet and fundraising events with U.S. Presidents, Cabinet Members, Congressional Leadership, Governors and key state legislators and officials.
  • Participation in coordinated industry political outreach that significantly amplifies individual impact.
  • A role in guiding the technology industry’s premier political advocacy committee and political outreach.
  • Assistance with corporate PAC development, including administrative services, development of promotional and solicitation materials, strategic counsel on raising into the PAC, and for new companies, help with the creation of a PAC. 


With a network of nearly 100 committed CEOs and Senior Executives – from the leaders of the nation’s largest technology companies to venture capitalists to founders of innovative start-up companies – TechNet provides invaluable opportunities for our members to build relationships and connect with other CEOs and Senior Executives. And as a part of our network, TechNet members have the opportunity to participate in our signature annual events and numerous high-level meetings:

  • TechNet Day: TechNet’s annual Washington, D.C fly-in includes high-level meetings with Cabinet Secretaries and other Senior Administration officials as well as Congressional Leadership, followed by exclusive networking receptions and dinners.  All members are invited to attend and participate.
  • Policy Events: TechNet members regularly meet with leading policymakers in Washington, DC, Silicon Valley and our regional locations – Sacramento, Boston, Austin, Seattle, Chicago and Albany.
  • Political and Fundraising Events: TechNet members have the opportunity to host and participate in numerous fundraising and political events throughout the year.


Building on TechNet’s national success, TechNet operates in key states that play critical roles in the technology industry.  In addition to TechNet’s federal operations in Washington, DC, TechNet has a presence in Silicon Valley, Sacramento, New England, New York, the Pacific Northwest, Illinois, Texas and the Southwest.  Each year, TechNet works with its membership to develop a strategic and proactive state policy agenda on issues such as smart grid/energy management; clean tech; digital education and technology to improve health care.  We work with individual companies to help them take advantage of state incentive programs and dramatically lower their costs.


  • Website, Materials and Press Releases: All members are listed on TechNet’s website, with a CEO bio and photo and link to the company’s website.  New Members are also announced with press release with company names in the headline.
  • Speaking Opportunities and Op-Eds: Members have the opportunity to represent TechNet and the tech industry as speakers, panelists or in newspapers.  In addition, TechNet regularly receives requests for industry speakers to testify before Congress or prepare comments on proposed regulation or legislation.