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In the competitive global economy, the most serious threat to continued U.S. leadership is our nation’s declining commitment to math, science and engineering education relative to other nations. On par with their international peers in math and science at lower grade levels, American students begin falling behind in secondary school. Declining numbers of Americans are pursuing undergraduate degrees in the physical sciences and engineering. Women and minorities are underrepresented in science and engineering courses. Meanwhile, Europe, China and other Asian countries are heavily investing in their own science and engineering education and workforce capacity.

America is not adequately preparing the next generation to lead our country and the world in science and innovation and we must work diligently to strengthen the nation’s talent pool in order to continue as a leader in the global marketplace. TechNet believes that public policies and private sector practices that best promote and advance the teaching of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) are the key to achieving this goal.

TechNet works to develop initiatives to improve science and math education and increase the number of Americans attaining degrees in STEM through new programs and resources that strengthen our public schools.

In addition, TechNet promotes comprehensive highly skilled immigration reform including an increase in the H-1B visa cap and reforms to the employment-based green card process to ensure the U.S. has a highly skilled workforce. TechNet advocates for legislative and administrative remedies to address the nation’s broken high-skilled immigration problem including:

  • A recapture of the some 200,000 green card slots not used from previous years;
  • A streamlined system to keep foreign-born STEM graduates of U.S. colleges and universities in the country; and
  • An elimination of the per country limits on EB green card distribution to remove artificial bottlenecks for employees from high-demand countries.