As natural disasters have impacted different parts of our country, tech companies are supporting recovery efforts so those affected can get back to normal as quickly as possible. Tech has transported people out of harm’s way, fed first responders, and kept healthcare available to those who have to flee the path of oncoming disaster. From donating needed supplies to keeping our communities connected, read below for more information about how the tech industry is enabling disaster recovery.

Tech Enables Disaster Recovery

Bolstering Wildfire Relief Efforts (Amazon)

To support wildfire relief efforts across California, Amazon donated more than 170,000 bottles of water and 16,000 KN95 masks.

Restoring Connectivity After A Hurricane (AT&T)

AT&T employees help restore connectivity in the wake of Hurricane Laura.

Supporting California During The Wildfires (Uber)

Uber will provide free meals on Uber Eats via fire departments and other organizations.

Free Virtual Healthcare To Those Impacted By Hurricane Laura (Teladoc)

Teladoc Health is providing free telehealth visits to those directly impacted by Hurricane Laura.

Helping the Community During Massive Wildfires (Comcast)

Comcast is providing internet service to three Cal Fire facilities and two evacuation centers.

Free Rides To Those In The Path Of Hurricane Laura (Lyft)

The LyftUp Disaster Response program provides access to free rides to help those in affected areas.

Supporting California Wildfires Relief (PayPal)

Free Telehealth Services To Those Impacted By The California Wildfires (Teladoc)

Xfinity WiFi Hotspots Open To Everyone During California Wildfires (Comcast)

What’s New in Tech

Overcoming an Energy Crisis: Innovation During A Blackout (Bloom Energy)

With the generous support and unwavering commitment from customers, partners, and civic leaders, we have been able to take megawatts of excess power generation and return it to the grid to keep the lights on for vulnerable populations across California already grappling with the ill-effects of a pandemic. The exported supply from customers participating in this initiative — who voluntarily opted to forgo any potential sales of electricity back to the grid — were made available in most cases within 10 to 12 hours. We are gratified to be able to do our part to help reduce congestion on the grid during these most unusual times and we’d be remiss not to extend our most heartfelt thanks for the generosity of our customers who answered the call to help the State, resulting in enough power back to the grid for nearly 15,000 homes.

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Before You Start Your Weekend

This year, Special Olympics is looking for innovative ways for athletes to nurture old friendships, build new ones, and have fun. So, their partners at Microsoft and Xbox tapped the latest gaming technology to help bring them together — even when they have to be apart. The result was the 2020 Special Olympics Xbox Virtual Gaming Event featuring Forza Motorsport 7, a grassroots community effort that offered athletes a way to feel the joy of competing again during a challenging time. (Microsoft)