Washington, D.C. – TechNet, the national, bipartisan network of innovation economy CEOs and senior executives, today announced it has added four new members: OpenAI, Scale AI, Socure, and Stack AV Co.

“TechNet is shaping policy and public awareness around artificial intelligence, including through our AI for America initiative. Adding OpenAI and Scale AI to our membership further strengthens our position as the leading U.S. organization working with lawmakers to ensure AI regulations enhance our global competitiveness, address risks, and benefit all Americans,” said TechNet President and CEO Linda Moore. “Stack and Socure are also using AI to advance innovation. Stack uses AI to strengthen supply chains and improve safety, efficiency, and accessibility in autonomous trucking while Socure is verifying identities accurately in real time using AI. We are thrilled to welcome OpenAI, Scale AI, Socure, and Stack to TechNet.”

About OpenAI:

OpenAI is an AI research and deployment company dedicated to ensuring that general-purpose artificial intelligence benefits all of humanity. OpenAI pushes the boundaries of the capabilities of AI systems and seeks to safely deploy them to the world through our products like ChatGPT, DALL·E, and the API platform.

About Scale AI:

Scale is fueling the Generative AI revolution. Built on a foundation of high-quality data and human insight, Scale’s proprietary Data Engine powers the world’s most advanced models. Its years of deep partnership with every major model builder enables Scale to provide the roadmap for any organization to apply AI. Scale is trusted by industry leaders including Meta, Microsoft, the U.S. Army, the DoD’s Defense Innovation Unit, Open AI, Cohere, Anthropic, General Motors, Toyota Research Institute, and NVIDIA.

About Socure:

Socure is the leading provider of digital identity verification and fraud solutions. Its AI and predictive analytics platform applies artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques with trusted online and offline data intelligence to verify identities in real time. Socure is the only vertically integrated identity verification and fraud prevention platform with both IAL-2 and FedRAMP Moderate certifications, delivering advanced levels of assurance and the highest standards for security and compliance. The company has more than 1,900 customers across the financial services, government, gaming, healthcare, telecom, and e-commerce industries, including four of the five top banks, the top credit bureau, and more than 400 fintechs. Organizations including Chime, SoFi, Robinhood, Gusto, Public, Poshmark, Stash, DraftKings, and the State of California trust Socure for accurate and inclusive identity verification and fraud prevention.

About Stack AV Co.:

Stack develops and builds autonomous trucking solutions to improve the safety and efficiency of modern freight and supply chain systems. Stack’s technology – coupled with an advanced approach to safe systems design and testing – is designed to maximize trucks’ uptime, optimize existing infrastructure, and improve roadway safety. Stack is committed to driving the trucking industry forward by enabling smarter supply chains for its partners, allowing them to deliver goods to their consumers faster and more safely.