Terry Howerton is CEO of TechNexus Venture Collaborative, a Chicago-based venture collaborative, partnered with leading corporations around the country, and among the most active venture investors globally. Howerton is a lifelong entrepreneur, founding his first company in high school. He has spent a career starting and leading ventures, mentoring other entrepreneurs, and building for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Howerton is the founder and CEO of TechNexus, a Chicago-based firm with a collaborative, joint-venture model with leading corporations to drive growth by uniquely engaging the global entrepreneurial ecosystem. After a decade as one of the most successful startup incubators in the country, in recent years TechNexus has emerged as one of the most active venture investors globally. Howerton serves as a director or advisor to several private companies. He was the founding chairman of one of the largest technology trade associations in the country, and founder of a (now replicated) inner city public high school to inspire a diverse population toward careers in technology and entrepreneurial thought.