Tech is at work every day, making our lives better and our economy stronger. American tech companies are advancing life-enhancing innovations that are creating new economic opportunities, revolutionizing health care, making work and daily life more accessible for everyone, and solving some of the biggest challenges our society faces today. No matter where you live, from the Rustbelt to the Sunbelt, from the Mid-Atlantic to the Midwest, there is a diverse community of tech entrepreneurs, thinkers, builders, and small business owners committed to making a positive difference. Tech is at work in every community, in every business, every day.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, technology has powered our country by producing personal protective equipment and ventilators, helping scientists to discover new drug treatments and research vaccines, reducing barriers to telework, connecting students and teachers, empowering small businesses with e-commerce solutions, delivering food, providing emergency transportation, facilitating contact tracing, and powering vaccine distribution, all while upholding IT infrastructures.

How Tech is Helping Shoppers and Businesses this Holiday Season

November 18, 2021

Technology is empowering businesses and entrepreneurs with e-commerce solutions that help them reach new customers, lower prices, and make a…

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How Tech is Making Transportation Safer, Accessible, and More Efficient

November 4, 2021

GM to Expand Access to EV Charging General Motors announced a new community charging program to install up to 40,000…

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How Tech is Empowering Small Businesses

October 28, 2021

Technology provides small businesses with the tools and solutions needed to reach new customers, create jobs, lower costs and prices,…

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How Tech is Driving Digital Transformation

October 21, 2021

Digital transformation is revolutionizing the way we live and work. Consumers want technologies that are more responsive, transparent, and secure,…

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How Tech is Working to Protect User Data

October 7, 2021

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. With security breaches up 67 percent in the past five years, protecting user data and privacy is…

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How Tech is Leading By Example on Climate Change

September 30, 2021

Addressing climate change is one of the most critical global issues of our time and the technology industry recognizes that…

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How Tech is Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

September 23, 2021

TechNet celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month and the Hispanic innovators, entrepreneurs, and artists who are advancing innovation, strengthening our economy, and…

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How Tech is Helping Startups Raise Money, Hire Talent, and Grow Their Business

September 16, 2021

For decades, startups have propelled America’s economy forward. Startups create jobs over five times faster than more established companies and are responsible…

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How Tech is Assisting Those Impacted by Natural Disasters and Humanitarian Crises

September 10, 2021

Technology is essential in keeping us informed, connected, and safe during an emergency. Tech companies are also stepping up to…

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How Tech is Keeping America Running During the Delta Surge

August 26, 2021

Technology has powered America during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, as the Delta variant surges, technology remains essential in keeping our…

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How Tech is Creating New Opportunities for Students and Teachers

August 12, 2021

With the end of summer comes the beginning of another school year. As we’ve seen throughout the pandemic, technology is…

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How Telehealth is Improving Access to Quality Care

August 12, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the demand for healthcare. Telehealth and other innovative technologies are helping connect patients with medical…

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