Technology is improving the way we live, learn, and work.  Tech is connecting more people to the digital economy, creating new opportunities for underserved communities, and preparing our workforce for the jobs of tomorrow.  In this week’s Tech At Work, see how tech is promoting digital inclusion across the U.S.

How Tech is Promoting Digital Inclusion contributed $10 million in grant funding to introduce 300,000 middle school students to robotics programs and the latest technologies, like AI, to prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow.

Intuit has partnered with 21 underserved school districts to help 2.5 million students prepare for future careers and maintained more than 18,000 jobs in underserved communities, exceeding $195 million in economic impact this year.

Comcast highlighted local digital equity partners, resources, and activities that help get people online, build digital skills, and open doors to economic mobility.

Apple’s Community Education Initiative partnered with over 150 organizations to bring advanced technology skills to students of all ages.

Verizon is connecting underserved residents to the Internet and equalizing access to broadband services through its Affordable Connectivity Program.

Cisco’s Digital Impact Office is helping the company connect more people to the digital economy across the globe.

Meta announced a new program with 15 U.S. universities to use immersive technologies that create new opportunities for teachers to inspire students.

Mastercard’s Impact Data Summit showcased how the company is using AI and data to address global challenges, create opportunities, and build inclusive economies.


What’s New in Tech 

Shipt Awards Community Impact and Innovation Grants to 18 Programs and Nonprofits

Shipt awarded over $250,000 to 18 organizations addressing both immediate and systemic needs across their communities.  Shipt’s Community Impact and Innovation Grants support initiatives that help entrepreneurs and small businesses address the root cause of food insecurity, advance economic mobility, and support those in need.


Before You Start the Weekend

Dell is making technology more accessible, creating new opportunities for digital skill building, and working with underserved communities to create a digitally inclusive world for all.  Watch to learn more.