As our nation focuses on the 2020 election, tech is working to promote civic engagement and empower voters. TechNet companies are providing resources on how to vote safely in each state, ways to find transportation to vote, and how to volunteer at the polls. TechNet member companies are also providing their employees time off to vote in person, if they so choose. Looking for voter information for yourself or your families? Take a moment today and check your voter registration status or learn how to vote in your state. See below for more information about how the tech industry is promoting participation in the 2020 election.

Tech Promotes Participation and Safeguards the 2020 Election

Verizon Media Launches Election 2020 Slate and Voter Registration Initiatives (Verizon Media)

Verizon Media brands will launch new initiatives that provide audiences with detailed instructions on voter registration and help them make informed decisions ahead of this year’s historic election.

Our 2020 Get Out The Vote Efforts (Uber)

Uber announced a national “Get Out The Vote” campaign to help the communities it serves and its employees exercise their right to vote this Election Day.

Every Vote Matters: Access Registration Resources Through Okta (Okta)

Okta rolled out a new application that will take users directly to, a public website that allows people to find voter registration information in every state, download necessary documents, and learn how to vote safely this year.

Google Play is Helping to Safeguard Elections (Google)

As mobile apps disseminate voting information and increasingly support voting activity, Google is ensuring safety and transparency for app users.

Ride to Vote: Helping More People Get to the Polls on Election Day (Lyft)

This Election season, Lyft is expanding the “Ride to Vote” work they began in 2018 to offer even more free and discounted rides to the polls.

New Steps to Protect the U.S. Elections (Facebook)

Facebook is taking steps to secure the integrity of the U.S. elections by encouraging voting, connect people to authoritative information, and reduce the risks of post-election confusion.

New Steps to Combat Disinformation (Microsoft)

Thumbtack is Giving Its Employees the Day off on November 3rd to Vote and Serve Their Communities (Thumbtack)

Everything You Need to Know to Vote (Amazon)

What’s New in Tech

Over 60% of Voters Believe the 2020 Election Will Directly Affect Their Future Financial Stability, Survey Finds (Credit Karma)

Many Americans see a strong link between the 2020 presidential election and their financial futures, a new Credit Karma survey finds. The nationally representative survey, commissioned in September among U.S. adults, found that well over half of Americans who intend to vote this year (61%) believe their vote in November will have a direct impact on their future financial stability. What’s more, nearly 2 in 5 (38%) voters from the survey consider their finances to be the primary driver behind why they’re voting this year, and one-quarter (25%) say their financial situation will cause them to change how they typically vote. Read more here.

What We’re Saying

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Before You Start Your Weekend

Few are as true to their belief and identity as Walter Mercado was. Along with Walter’s loved ones, and WhatsApp are celebrating his unifying presence as we remind voters that the #PowerIsInYourHands. (Facebook)