How Responsible AI is Moving America Forward

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is moving America forward.  We’ve been using AI safely and responsibly for decades to navigate traffic, search the internet, enhance research, and discover new movies and music.  Today, AI is being used to predict severe weather more accurately, protect critical infrastructure, defend against cyber threats, and accelerate the development of new medical treatments, including

life-saving vaccines and ways to detect earlier signs of cancer.

However, recognizing and addressing the genuine risks associated with AI is crucial for its responsible advancement.  When guided by ethics, transparency, and fairness, AI can spark creativity and help us usher in a more prosperous and sustainable future for all Americans.

TechNet’s “AI for America” initiative, which launched this week, showcases how AI is being used to improve lives, grow our economy, and keep us safe.  Learn more in this week’s Tech At Work.

How AI is Improving Lives

Accenture collaborated with Salesforce to develop an AI solution that increases productivity and transforms healthcare professional and patient experiences.

Ancestry is using AI to help people learn about key events in their ancestors’ lives, from birth and residence to marriage and death.

Coursera expanded its AI-powered translations to 17 popular languages, enabling learners to access more than 4,000 courses, 600 specializations, and 55 professional certificates.

Dell highlighted how AI’s tremendous potential can help address some of the biggest environmental challenges our planet faces.

Johns Hopkins University is using Google AI to reduce clinical trial-related brain scan review times from five hours to 30 seconds.

HP shared how its AI-powered laptops can increase productivity, accuracy, personalization, and protection.

Mercari launched Mercari AI Assistant to help sellers list their items more efficiently and attract more buyers.

Pinterest’s body type technology uses AI to increase representation and search results for women’s fashion and wedding-related content.

Zillow’s AI and machine learning tools are powering the Zestimate model to give homeowners and potential buyers the best representation of a home’s value.

How AI is Growing Our Economy

Amazon is providing free AI skills training to two million people by 2025.

Box partnered with Google on new AI features that help customers process and analyze data more efficiently, enabling them to work smarter and be more productive.

Deloitte shared how businesses are using AI to support employees, be more efficient, drive growth, lower costs, and accelerate innovation.

DoorDash introduced an AI ordering solution to help restaurants increase revenue and maintain high-quality customer experiences without sacrificing hospitality.

HPE is accelerating AI training with a new supercomputing solution designed for large enterprises, research institutions, and government organizations.

Indeed joined policymakers and AI experts to discuss how AI can help strengthen the labor market by connecting future employees with new opportunities.

LexisNexis launched Lexis+ AI to expand legal assistance and help those in the field save time researching, summarizing, and drafting legal documents.

Salesforce’s new platform enables companies to easily create AI-powered apps and workflows that enhance productivity, reduce costs, and deliver improved customer experiences.

SAP’s AI-powered solutions are helping businesses optimize their processes, lower costs, and track expenses.

Teladoc is using AI to help ease the burden on the healthcare workforce while improving the quality of shared medical information and the care it supports.

Verizon’s annual State of Small Business Survey found that small businesses believe AI can help address business demands and drive their companies forward.

Zoom shared ways AI can enhance customer service and provide the right assistance as soon as it is needed.

How AI is Keeping Us Safe

Google is using AI to help communities combat floods, wildfires, and extreme heat, keep people safe, and plan for natural disasters.

Lyft is leveraging its AI-powered platform to help riders get where they want to go safer, faster, and more efficiently.

Mastercard’s new AI-powered solutions are helping protect consumers, businesses, and financial institutions from cybersecurity threats.

Meta included safeguards in its new AI features to protect people’s data and privacy.

Nasdaq discussed how AI can detect and prevent fraud and criminal behavior in the financial sector.

New in Tech

Intuit TurboTax Adds New Full Service, AI-Powered Tax Prep Experiences for Tax Filing with Ease and Complete Confidence 

Tax season can be stressful, especially for small business owners.  This year, Intuit introduced a new AI-powered financial assistant to make filing taxes easier for taxpayers and small businesses.

What We’re Saying

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Before You Start the Weekend

What if firefighters could use satellite modeling to predict the path of wildfires?  Or if doctors could analyze thousands of MRIs in seconds and spot cancer before it spreads?  These used to be what-ifs.  But today, AI is empowering Americans like never before.  If we work together to develop AI responsibly, we can help solve some of the greatest challenges of our time.  Watch AI for America’s new video here.

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