All of us at TechNet, like millions of Americans, were shocked and horrified by the death of George Floyd and countless others like him, and our hearts break for each of their families.  Many of our member companies have made themselves heard on this matter and have committed to doing better for Black Americans. TechNet stands in solidarity with Black Americans and the peaceful protestors working to focus attention on the issue of systemic racism.

Our principles regarding discrimination have always been clear: “The technology industry is committed to promoting an inclusive workforce and nation that reflects the diversity of our customers and people.  To ensure that our economy remains robust and innovative, we support education, workforce development, and immigration policies that empower the best and brightest people to continue making important contributions to our nation and communities.  TechNet opposes all forms of discrimination on the basis of nationality, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, and gender identity.”

What We’re Saying

TechNet Urges President to Sign Paycheck Protection Flexibility Act
TechNet’s Commitment to Reversing Systemic Racism
TechNet Statement on Social Media Executive Order
Morning Consult OpEd: Leave No Small Business Behind In COVID-19 Response

TechNet in the News

Business groups praise passage of PPP flexibility bill | The Hill

Tech Donating to Support Dialogue and Justice

Facebook’s $10 million donation to groups working on racial justice | Facebook
Amazon donates $10 million to organizations supporting justice and equity | Amazon
Standing with the Black community
 | Google
Action, dialogue and change | Visa
Cisco’s $5 million donation to the NAACP, EJI, Color of Change, and BLM
 | Cisco
Uber’s $1 million donation to EJI and Policing Equity
 | Uber
Standing Together for Justice
 | DoorDash
The Accel team stands for civil rights and equality of justice for all
 | Accel
To help combat systemic racism and crippling injustice, goPuff will be making donations in support or organizations doing just that
 | goPuff
We support our companies and teams as they stand with the Black community
 | Benchmark
Box stands in solidarity with the Black community
 | Box
“I share in your outrage and frustration.” A note from our CEO Matt Maloney
 | GrubHub
We’ve donated $50,000 to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, you can do the same here
 | hims & hers
A note from our co-founders: A call to action for each of us
 | Lyft
We know money talks, so NerdWallet is donating $100K to the NAACP
 | Nerd Wallet
We stand in solidarity against racism and violence
| YouTube by Google

Tech Statements on Equality

At TaskRabbit, we firmly believe in the equality of all people and stand strongly against prejudice and racial inequality | TaskRabbit
Standing strong together
 | Dell Technologies
We stand in solidarity with the Black community, and with peaceful protests calling for racial equality
 | Instacart
Negative peace which is the absence of tension is no substitute for the positive peace which is the presence of justice | Tim Cook, CEO of Apple
Our advocacy toward equality and inclusivity continues today and will for the future
 | AT&T
Liberty, justice, and equality ARE human rights
 | Bloom Energy
Apathy is Dangerous
 | Credit Karma
Today the focus is on building solidarity and continuing to stand for our friends and family affected by racism and injustice
 | ecoATM
Defend Black Lives
Speaking out and standing up for what is right
 | Mary Barra, Chairwoman and CEO of General Motors
Today on US Google & YouTube homepages we share our support for racial equality in solidarity with the Black community and in memory of George Floyd
 | Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google
As we struggle to process the incidents of racial injustice over the last few weeks and put our emotions into words, this is the message that I sent to all at HPE
 | Antonio Neri, President and CEO of HPE
Leading with our values
 | HP
It is upon us all to take a stand against racism, and band together for equality, justice, and dignity
 | Intuit
We can, and will, do better
 | Kleiner Perkins
At this time, we will be using our platform to amplify voices from the Black and African American community at Microsoft
 | Microsoft
Our Commitment to Equality
 | Nasdaq
Racism of every kind is unconscionable
 | Todd McKinnon, Co-founder and CEO of Okta
PayPal’s Commitment to Equality and Justice
 | PayPal
A note from our CEO: Time to stand up
 | Postmates
We condemn racism towards the Black community
 | Sequoia
We are committed to expanding the opportunities of innovation to all
 | Silicon Valley Bank
Now more than ever, we must support our colleagues
 | Jason Gorevic, CEO of Teladoc Health
Social Justice is at the core of who we are at Verizon Media
 | Verizon Media
We grieve and hurt with our Black team members, riders, partners, friends, families, and the entire Black community
 | Waymo
We know this post won’t fix the issues, but we want to make our stance clear. We are with you
 | Zoom

Taking Care of Our People and Communities

Coronavirus Symptom Tool | hims & hers
Amazon offers backup family care to 650,000 full- and part-time employees
 | Amazon
Online resources for kids and families during COVID-19
 | Google
Amazon Web Services highlights AI and machine learning customers helping to fight COVID-19
 | Amazon
Amazon’s support for food banks across America continues with a donation in Tennessee
 | Amazon
Honeywell Helping Improve Air Travel Health And Safety With New Safety Packs For Passengers And Crew
 | Honeywell