— TechNet, the national, bipartisan network of innovation
economy CEOs and senior executives, today welcomed Senate passage of a budget resolution for
fiscal year 2018 as another important step toward passing tax reform
legislation later this year. The Senate
resolution contains reconciliation instructions that will allow the Senate to
pass tax reform legislation with a simple majority. The following
statement can be attributed to Linda Moore, President and CEO of TechNet:

a budget in the Senate is a major milestone on the road to tax reform.
Once a final budget is approved, it will allow Congress to finally move ahead
with a pro-growth tax reform package that provides a major boost to our
economy, drives a new wave of innovation and investment, boosts workers’
paychecks, and makes our nation more competitive globally.

“TechNet will continue working with the White House and members of Congress on
both sides of the aisle to see that tax reform legislation is developed,
approved, and signed into law.”

Last month, the San Francisco
published an op-ed by
Linda Moore on the need to pass meaningful tax reform.