— TechNet, the national, bipartisan network of innovation
economy CEOs and senior executives, today welcomed the introduction of a House
resolution by Representatives Scott Taylor (R-VA), Dan Lipinski (D-IL), Chuck
Fleischmann (R-TN), and Derek Kilmer (D-WA) in support of public-private
partnerships to bring computer science education to more K-12 classrooms.

to the Computer Science Education Coalition
, “only one
out of four K-12 schools teach any computer science,” even though nine out of
10 parents say they want it taught in their children’s schools. Next week marks Computer Science Education

The following statement is attributable
to Linda Moore, President & CEO of TechNet:

U.S. faces a significant and growing computer science skills gap that is
leaving too many of our young people unable to secure the good-paying job
opportunities available to them in this field.
In fact, by 2020 there will be one million more computing jobs
nationally than there will be graduates to fill them, resulting in a $500
billion opportunity gap. Neither the
private sector nor policymakers should rest until computer science and STEM courses
are taught in every school in America.

addition to governments making greater investments in computer science
education at the local, state, and federal levels, the tech industry must also
do its part to expand public-private partnerships that help bring computer
science education to more communities across the country. We appreciate Representatives Taylor, Lipinski,
Fleischmann, and Kilmer for highlighting the important role public-private
partnerships will continue to play in equipping American students with computer
science skills to help them prosper and allow our country to remain the world’s
innovation leader.”

Earlier this year, TechNet welcomed the
White House’s announcement
dedicating at least $200 million annually to promote computer science and STEM