Startups spur innovation and economic growth and are responsible for almost all of the net new jobs created in the U.S. over the past 45 years.  To thrive, startups need access to capital and markets, innovation, and talent.  See how tech is empowering startups in this week’s Tech At Work.

How Tech is Empowering Startups

Amazon’s AWS Activate program has helped more than 280,000 startups by providing $6 billion to bring their ideas to life.

Visa announced a new $100 million initiative to invest in the next generation of companies that are developing AI technologies that will advance the future of commerce and payments.

Comcast launched its Enterprise AI Accelerator, where ten selected startups will spend six weeks working alongside leaders from Comcast to explore advancements in artificial intelligence for large-scale businesses.

Verizon awarded four climate tech startups $125,000 each to help them scale and achieve their goal of making communities across the country more resilient to climate change.

PayPal’s Venmo selected 20 entrepreneurs to receive $10,000 each to help turn their forward-thinking visions into tangible successes.

Revolution’s Rise of the Rest 2023 Annual Report highlighted the evolving geography of early-stage startup funding and how innovation is actively happening beyond Silicon Valley.

This year’s Google for Startups Growth Academy is focused on helping accelerate the growth of startups that are using AI to innovate responsibly in cybersecurity.

Madrona shared five takeaways for startups from its 2023 Intelligent Applications Summit.

Sequoia highlighted how two startup co-founders turned their idea into a $20 billion success story.

New in Tech

Aurora Opens First Commercial-Ready Route for its Planned Driverless Truck Launch in Late 2024

Aurora opened the autonomous trucking industry’s first lane for driverless trucks supported by commercial-ready terminals in Dallas and Houston this week.  The terminals house, maintain, prepare, inspect, and deploy the autonomous trucks between destinations, and play an integral role in supporting the trucks on a commercial scale.

What We’re Saying

TechNet Announces Federal AI Policy Framework that Recommends Effective Safeguards for Consumers, Ensures U.S. Remains the Global AI Leader

TechNet Submits Comments on Artificial Intelligence and Copyright Law to the U.S. Copyright Office

TechNet Statement on President Biden’s Executive Order on Artificial Intelligence

TechNet Promotes David Edmonson to Senior Vice President for State Policy and Government Relations

TechNet Promotes Peter Chandler to Senior Vice President for Federal Policy and Government Relations

TechNet Names Renzo Soto Executive Director for Texas and the Southeast Region

TechNet Names Jose Torres Deputy Executive Director for California and the Southwest

TechNet Comments on the Senate AI Insight Forum


Before You Start the Weekend

AI has the potential to help us solve the greatest challenges of our time from health care, agriculture, and education to transportation, energy, and national security.  However, recognizing and addressing the genuine risks associated with AI is crucial for its responsible advancement.  Following the White House’s Executive Order on artificial intelligence, TechNet President and CEO Linda Moore joined Scripps TV to discuss how policies regulating AI must address its risks while ensuring we’re making the most of its benefits for all Americans.